The new Turkish cotton beach towel order

//The new Turkish cotton beach towel order

The new Turkish cotton beach towel order

The Turkish cotton beach towel are widely used for beach or bath or blanket solution in America Austria European countries and other countries, these Turkish cotton beach towel are made with supreme grade 100%cotton fibers that are great to absorb water , easy to take and big enogh to use when you go to it is the best choose when you travel.  Taian Jiamei Textile is the professional Turkish cotton beach towel manufacturer and wholesaler dedicated in supplying the turn-key Turkish cotton beach towel to worldwide customers since its foundation in 2002.

Turkish cotton beach towel bath towel hammam

The China trading company send an inquiry to our company Feb20th

They think we are professional turkish cotton beach towel manufacturer,so that we send a similar exsiting sample to them, (same size, same weight, just different design), they received the sample Feb21th, I think their customer received the sample about Feb25th, the customer think the quality is good, but the price is a little higher, we give them a suggestion using simple tassels can lower the price. After the customer accept our suggestions, the China trading company pay the sample charge to us Mar02th, we finished the sample Mar12th, I think the customer will receive the sample about Mar17th, hope they can confirm the sample and give the turkish cotton beach towel order to us in the near future.

JIAMEI Textile had been dedicated in kitchen textile manufacturing, wholesaling, OEM supplying and exporting for 15 years. We can manufacture according to your special requirements with customized materials, sizes, weights and colors, etc. With the help of our professional team and advanced textile equipment, all our products have excellent quality, shorter delivery time and competitive price. Our partners are famous kitchen textile brands from America, Canada, Austria, Germany, England, Italy and other European Countries. Hope to be your business partners.
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