Dish Cloth Teamwork Game 2017

//Dish Cloth Teamwork Game 2017

Dish Cloth Teamwork Game 2017

Dish Cloth (also called dish towels, kitchen towels or tea towels) is widely used for hands or dishes drying solution in America Austria or European countries, JIAMEI brand dish cloth is made with supreme grade 100% cotton fibers that are great to absorb water and tough spills and don’t leave lint or other residue behind when drying.  JIAMEI Textile is the professional  kitchen textile manufacturer and wholesaler dedicated in supplying the turn-key kitchen towels, tea towels and dish towels to worldwide customers since its foundation in 2002.

JIAMEI Textile held the sports game for dish cloth teamwork training on September 30th, 2017. All the dish cloth workers took the sports game. Many sports games such as playing badminton, kicking shuttlecock, rope skipping, tug of war were carried out.  Cotton tea towels, Turkish towels, Kettles, placemats, bowl sets were the prizes for the winners. Every dish cloth workers were very happy, because they produced the tea towel by themselves, so that they know how good the tea towel quality is, these tea towel workers would like to use the tea towel by themselves, so it is very healthy for people and Eco-friendly.  We have professional manufacturing team and can produce over 500,000 pcs tea towel per month, and we will provide our best products and serves for you.

Dish Cloth Teamwork Game 2017
Dish towels Teamwork Game 2017

JIAMEI Textile had been dedicated in manufacturing custom kitchen textile, wholesaling for over 15 years. We can manufacture according to your special requirements with customized materials, sizes, weights and colors, etc. With the help of our professional team and advanced textile equipment, all our products have excellent quality, shorter delivery time and competitive price. Our partners are famous kitchen textile brands from America, Canada, Austria, Germany, England, Italy and other European Countries. Hope to be your business partners.

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