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Kitchen Towels or Kitchen Textiles can make your home stylish looking and bring a soft touch and safety to your cooking. Taian JIAMEI Textile Co., Ltd. (JIAMEI Textile) is the leading kitchen textiles manufacturer and wholesaler dedicated in supplying the turn-key kitchen towels and Turkish towels to worldwide customers since its foundation in 2002. We have more than 80 professional employees and 15000 square meters manufacturing factory. JIAMEI Textile had been manufacturing, wholesaling and OEM supplying a wide range of fashionable and functional kitchen textiles such as kitchen towels, tea towels, dish towels, Turkish towels, kitchen aprons, pot holders, oven mitts and other textile products to support your life style and make them flexible to add new patterns and colors to you.  OEM, ODM and customization are available. Hope to be your partners

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Jiamei Textile manufactures and wholesales kitchen Textiles for worldwide famous brands since 2002

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kitchen towels

Kitchen towels (tea towels or dish towels) are your good choice for hands or dishes drying solution, they are stylish and durable which are perfect to enhance a pop of colors of your kitchen. Kitchen tea towels are made with supreme grade 100% cotton fibers that are great to absorb water and tough spills and don’t leave lint or other residue behind when drying. Our kitchen towels are wholesaled in bulk and a wide range of styles and colors. See more on our kitchen tea towels…

kitchen aprons

Kitchen aprons are designed to keep you safe from splashes and stains when cooking or serving in the restaurant, they can also make you happy with colorful patterns in the kitchen. Kitchen aprons vary in size, length, color, and style. Our versatile kitchen aprons are most made with 100% cotton and are machine-washable. You can personalize your aprons by specifying certain styles, custom colors or different sizes in specified quantities. More kitchen aprons is available…

pot holders of Jiamei Textile

Pot holders are often applied to remove dishes from the oven and hot pots from the stove safely. Our pot holders made with high quality heat resistant cotton and special quilting methods offer longer durability, softness, hard grip and machine wash, which can keep your hands from hot pans and pots. You can customize your pot holders with special colors and certain quantity. More detailed information on pot holders is available…

Oven Mitts of Jiamei Textile

Oven mitts can ensure you safety when cooking and make your kitchen with cozy style at the same time. Our functional and colorful oven mitts are made with 100% cotton that makes the outer fabric soft and keeps your hands away from the heat. It has the characteristics of durable, practical, good looking and easy storage for daily usage. Customized styles, colors and certain quantities are available. Get more information on oven mitts…

turkish towel of Jiamei Textile

Turkish towel is the perfect resort pool towel, and it can also be widely selected as a luxury bath towel. It is made with 100% finest quality extra long fibers cotton and has the characteristics soft touch, quick-drying and ultra absorbent with a stylish ribbed bottom. Customized styles, sizes, colors and certain quantities are available to satisfy your requirements. Get more detailed information about Turkish towel…

Why Choose JIAMEI Textile As Partners

We had been providing turn key kitchen textile solution since 2002

Superior quality,  100% promised new raw materials, no recycled

Competitive factory price is our promise to our customers

Free samples is available for your kindly application

OEM, ODM, Customized Manufacturing or Wholesale are available

Our Global Famous Brand Partners

JIAMEI Textile had been dedicated in kitchen textiles manufacturing, wholesaling, OEM supplying and exporting for 15 years. We can manufacture according to your special requirements with customized materials, sizes, weights and colors, etc. Your logo can be printed or embroidered or Jacquard on the kitchen textile products such as kitchen towels, tea towels, dish towels, Turkish towels, kitchen aprons, oven mitts and pot holders. With the help of our professional team and advanced textile equipment, all our products have excellent quality, shorter delivery time and competitive price. Our partners are famous kitchen textile brands from America, Canada, Australia, Germany, England, Italy and other European Countries.  The following are some of them.

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Best Kitchen Towels were Showed on the 122nd Canton Fair

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